Upcoming Deadlines

Here you will find information about upcoming deadlines that you may need to keep an eye on.

a) Teachers please note that affiliations are due from 1st July each year.

b) The link to the ISGA Privacy Policy and DSAR Request Form is now on the Home Page. Please ensure that you are familiar with ‘Use of children’s personal information’ section 5.

c) The current season’s calendar can be downloaded from the MORE INFORMATION section on your right.

d) A copy of the Annual Disclaimer form should be downloaded, completed, signed and scanned to Suzanne Rimini as soon as you have dispatched your Annual Affiliation fee. No school may enter any ISGA event until this form has been received by the ISGA General Secretary. A new form is required each year from every school.

e) Competition entry forms can be obtained by email from Suzanne:  administrator@isgagymnastics.org

For future events, please see our CALENDAR