Can my school join?

Yes, you are more than welcome!  Your school has to be a fee-paying independent school.  Schools can be in membership of any of the Heads’ Associations, or none.

What should I do first?

Browse this website thoroughly.  If you still have queries email the General Administrator, Suzanne Rimini, who is both Secretary and Treasurer: administrator@isgagymnastics.org She is full of advice!.  The Chairman and others on the Committee are there to help you too.  See CONTACT US on the Home page main menu.

OK, What do I do next?

You need to affiliate your school. Go to ADMINISTRATION / click on ‘Affiliation forms’.  It is a word document which comes up on bottom left of your screen. You will see is a sample copy of the form. If you want to continue, contact the Administrator for the official form. Fill it in (via computer, not handwritten), and give it to your Bursar’s office, plus email to all the three names on the form. New Schools get a special rate for the first year. Your school may be slow in processing the fee, so allow plenty of time. After it has been received by the General Administrator she will send your school Affiliation Number, which has to be quoted on all entry forms and Workshop booking forms, and also the official copies of our competition entry forms. Sample copies of the entry forms are on the website.

Now what?

Print off and fill in the ANNUAL DISCLAIMER FORM.  This must be signed by your Headteacher and yourself. Post this hard copy to Suzanne Rimini our General Administrator.  Without it you can’t be involved in our events.  Then complete your ENTRY FORMS (see More Information list, on the right-hand-side of the Home Page.) These are Word documents which come up on bottom left of your screen.

When are the competitions?

Each competition is on the I.S.G.A. DOWNLOADABLE CALENDAR found on the More Information column. Also SEE OUR CALENDAR on the Home page. We hope to finalise our new season’s Calendar in the second half of the summer term. Annual Season: 1st June– 31st May.

The first competition of the season is in November.  Can I enter nearer the date?

No sorry! All closing dates are usually in September, which is why you can affiliate to join I.S.G.A. from 1st June each year. Please note all the closing dates in your diary.  They must to be adhered to: the 2 Piece and 5 Piece closing date the end of September – look on your Downloadable Calendar or DEADLINES on the Home page.  If some Girls 5 Piece age categories are over-subscribed, qualification needs to take place at the 2 Piece Championships.

Whereabouts are the competition venue schools?

Look at the COMPETITIONS drop-down menu.  Each competition venue has a map.

What‘s the difference between 2 Piece, 4 Piece and 5 Piece competitions?

The 2, 4 and 5 refers to the number of disciplines each gymnast has to perform at the competition.
2 Piece – Set Floor and Voluntary Vault
4 Piece – Set Floor and Vault, Voluntary Floor and Vault
5 Piece – Set Floor and Vault, Voluntary Floor and Vault, plus a Synchronised Group Sequence.

How do I know which competition to enter?

There are two official competitions each year for member schools’ teams to compete in.


  1. The 2 piece competition in November. Then for the girls there are two routes to choose from.
  2. Either the Premier 5 Piece Competition or the 4 Piece Challenge Cup, both in the Spring Term.


  1. The 2 piece competition in November.
  2. The Boys Premier 4 Piece Championships in the Spring Term. (Boys do not perform a Group Sequence).

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