5 Piece Premier National Championships – Girls

Disciplines x 5

Set Floor & Set Vault, Voluntary Floor & Voluntary Vault, & Synchronised Group Sequence.

Age Groups

Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Over 13.


Consists of 4, 5 or 6 gymnasts from the same school. Where 6 gymnasts make up a team only 5 can compete on each apparatus with the top 4 scores on each discipline to count. The scores are added together to produce an individual and a team score.


As per Premier 5 Piece rules.

It is important that all participants know and understand the rules.


Medals are given to the top six teams, the top six individuals and the top six group sequence teams.

There are also awards for Endeavour.


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Usually the first weekend in March.  Generally the competition takes place over three consecutive days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


All schools are encouraged to enter teams in the six age groups. A maximum number of 12 teams can be accommodated on the Friday (Under 9 and Under 15), and a maximum number of 16 teams in the other age groups on the Saturday and Sunday. All the under 9 teams have to attend the 2 Piece Championships in the autumn term to contest the 12 available places if more than 12 teams apply. If other age categories are over-subscribed, the Competition Secretary informs schools who are required to compete for the remaining places at the 2 Piece competition weekend. The top teams from the previous year’s championships already have qualification status.


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