4 Piece Premier National Championships – Boys

Disciplines x 4

Set Floor and Set Vault, Voluntary Floor and Voluntary Vault.

Age Groups

Under 9, Under 11, Under 13.


Consists of 4, 5 or 6 gymnasts from the same school. Where 6 gymnasts make up a team only 5 can compete on each apparatus with the top 4 scores on each discipline to count. The scores are added together to produce an individual and a team score.


As per Premier 4 piece rules 2021-2025 (B4/7 September 2021)

It is important that all participants know and understand the rules.

 Judges and Coaches 

The text of the Set Floor and Voluntary Floor in the Boys ISGA 4 Piece rules is the correct interpretation. Any video clips placed here are a visual aid only and should be viewed alongside the text of the current rules (Cycle Two:  2020–2024). Both Coaches and Judges will also benefit from studying the notes which accompany the video clips and these can be downloaded.

Boys’ Video Clips  –  Set Floor

Pages 6 – 9 of the current ISGA Boys’ 4Piece rules should be at hand when watching the Set Floor videos. When the 1b clip was filmed a straight jump immediately following the forward roll/handstand forward roll was not a requirement. In the current rules cycle this is now a stipulated part of the sequence. The set floor is the same for all age groups: – U9, U11, & U14.

1a   Boys’ Basic Set Floor with no bonuses: (is not yet available)

1b  Boys’ Set Floor with all bonuses attempted: Click here

Judges & Coaches downloadable Notes: Click here

Boys’ Video Clips  –  Voluntary Floor

Pages 10 – 14 of the current ISGA Boys 4 Piece rules for all age groups should be at hand when watching the Voluntary Floor video clips plus the accompanying downloadable notes for judges and coaches. The clip below is a sample of a very good voluntary floor sequence.

2a      Boys Voluntary Floor sequence video clip: Click Here

Judges & Coaches downloadable Notes:  Click here


Medals are given to the top teams and the top individuals.



In the early spring term.


All schools are encouraged to enter a team in each of the three age groups. Currently there is no limit on the number of schools allowed in each age group.

This competition is currently held in conjunction with the Girls’ 4 Piece Challenge Cup.

For Teachers

I.S.G.A Boys Vol Floor Check List.

Download the example copy.


See the current years results.

Past Results

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