Trophy Holders

Congratulations to all school team champions and individual champions!


Please ensure that all trophies are engraved immediately and are returned clean and polished to the next annual competition. It is the responsibility of the school to return all trophies. If a school does not intend to affiliate for the following year, trophies must be returned straight away to the ISGA Administrator: Suzanne Rimini.


Teachers and Gymnastics Coaches please take note of the rule below found in all sets of ISGA rules:


1.10 General Competition Rules

  1. If a schools pulls out of a competition, after the competition draw has been published, without good reason, the entry fee for each team withdrawn will be forfeited. If a school does not return a trophy in time or it is damaged or not engraved, a £50 fine will be imposed on that school. That school will also be responsible for all costs involved in getting that trophy to the new winning school shortly after the competition. If a trophy is lost or damaged a replacement must be paid for.


5 Piece Premier Girls Trophy Holders